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Project Horizons
Author: Somber
Last Update: Epilogue: Tomorrow - Aug 29th, 2015 (Total: )
Description: Forced into the life of a security mare, Blackjack is far more interested in eking out what fun she can in the dim halls of Stable 99. All that changes as she becomes enveloped in a plot that not only endangers her stable but the remaining world as well.
Warmth (Fallout: Equestria Project Horizons 22.5)
Author: Wigglejigglesquiggle
Last Update: Chapter 22.5: Warmth - Jun 25th, 2012 (Total: )
Description: Stable 99 is saved! After securing her home from an army of vicious raiders, Blackjack takes a well-earned opportunity to rest and recuperate. Despite everything, she finds herself struggling to decide how she feels about her budding relationship with…
Fallout: Equestria Sprite Comic
Author: Urimas Ebonheart
Last Update: Chapter 3 (new pages added) - Dec 11th, 2012 (Total: )
Littlepip Kisses Ditzy
Author: Pacce
Last Update: Littlepip Kisses Ditzy - Sep 10th, 2011 (Total: )
Description: These events take place right after trading with Ditzy outside of New Appleloosa during Chapter 21.
Fallout: Equestria Audio Book
Author: Scorch_Mechanic
Last Update: Chapter 24: Dances of Light and Shadow - Sep 21st, 2012 (Total: )
Fallout Equestria: The Hand Drawn Comic
Author: L9OBL
Last Update: Chapter 5.2: Issue 5 Page 20 - Oct 29th, 2015 (Total: )
Description: What started off as a small favour for a friend turned into a full out month long project Drawn by hand then coloured in on GIMP.
Tales of a Toaster Repair Pony
Author: Ratchex
Last Update: Chapter 1: Echoes and Impact Craters - Mar 23rd, 2012 (Total: )
Description: After two hundred years in a secret experimental Stable in the heart of Canterlot, Ratchet awakes to the unforgiving Equestrian Wasteland. With only the knowledge that everything has been destroyed, Ratchet must set out into the heart of the wasteland to…
Fallout: Equestria
Author: Dashy
Last Update: Chapter 9: Die Moral der Geschichte - Sep 25th, 2013 (Total: )
Author: No One
Last Update: Epilogue: Seven Years Later... - Apr 15th, 2019 (Total: )
Description: Inspired by the heroics of the mysterious mare known as the Stable Dweller, Silver Storm, a guard of the town of Marefort, decides to go on a daring mission to rescue her captured brother. Of course things rarely go as planned and her attempts at heroism…
Author: DancingOnTheAshes
Last Update: Chapter 10: Under attack. - Apr 11th, 2012 (Total: )
Description: After setting out as a healer on a merchants caravan, Snakebite Tourniquet suddenly finds himself with a concussion in the middle of the lone desert and with his body changed.
New Beginnings
Author: Ilushia
Last Update: Chapter 10: City Life - Aug 4th, 2012 (Total: )
Description: Having lost much of her past, memories and purpose in life, Aurora Borealis stumbles upon the junkyard and its sole inhabitant Scraps. Having regained her name and desiring to find her past and place in the world, she begins to walk the paths of…
Author: JustMoth
Last Update: Dream 27 - Aug 19th, 2013 (Total: )
Description: Stranded in the wasteland on an assignment to hunt snipes and chase wild geese, NCR R&D researcher Citquine is determined to get the job done, or get his money back trying!
Heroes With Wings
Author: JustMoth
Last Update: Chapter 3 - Mar 9th, 2012 (Total: )
Description: Hired Gun and Serenity from "Fallout Equestria: Heroes" take a train ride as part of a job and cross paths Citquine and Celly from "Fallout Equestria: Wings" in this fun and completely no-canon stand alone adventure.
Wings of Heroes
Author: JustMoth
Last Update: Chapter 3: Trip Day 3 - Mar 13th, 2012 (Total: )
Description: “I never travel without my diary. One should always have something sensational to read in the train.” This is a tie-in to my Heroes With Wings fic, telling the story from the perspective of Citquine. I recommend you read the fic fist since this…
Raider and kid
Author: Demon-Keychain
Last Update: Page 24 (Complete) - Aug 28th, 2012 (Total: )
Description: A raider named Bullet Holes and her foal, a young Colt named Slug.
Raider and kid (in colour)
Author: Demon-Keychain (coloured by aFriendlyHobo)
Last Update: Page 15 - Sep 18th, 2013 (Total: )
Description: A raider named Bullet Holes and her foal, a young Colt named Slug. Coloured by aFriendlyHobo with permission.
Raider and Kid: Slug's Hearts and Hooves Day
Author: Demon-Keychain
Last Update: Page 6 - Feb 14th, 2012 (Total: )
Description: A special edition comic for Valentines day/Hearts and hooves day starring Slug.
Raider and Kid: Slug's Hearts and Hooves Day (in color)
Author: Demon-Keychain (coloured by aFriendlyHobo)
Last Update: Page 6 - Mar 2nd, 2012 (Total: )
Description: A special edition comic for Valentines day/Hearts and hooves day starring Slug.
Broken Steel
Author: Lex-the-Pikachu
Last Update: Epilogue - Aug 19th, 2013 (Total: )
Description: Follow the adventures of the Rogue Steel Ranger as she journeys the Equestrian Wasteland with a task to find out why her life took such a turn for the worst.
Do Robot Ponies Dream of Electronic Bunnies
Author: ScottWolf
Last Update: Chapter 25: Bringing Up Troubles - Dec 17th, 2012 (Total: )
Description: An android awakens to a post-apocalyptic world.
Operation Flankorage
Author: Kashin
Last Update: Chapter 14: Reap The Reward - Oct 21st, 2012 (Total: )
Description: In the frozen north of the Equestrian Wasteland lays a city, battered and crippled, but still clinging to life. It is beset on all sides by dangers. Displaced griffins rage against the ponies they blame for the apocalypse. Mad mares brood with their…
Tales of a Courier
Author: a Friendly Hobo
Last Update: Chapter 9: City of Iron - Jan 11th, 2012 (Total: )
Description: This story has been rewritten and can be found here: Two young stallions, bored out of their minds in a small frontier town to the west, join a courier service in…
Gathering Darkness
Author: ~Aerondight~
Last Update: Chapter 14: Stone garden. - Sep 26th, 2013 (Total: )
Description: Having lost everypony he cared about one unicorn finds himself in a foreign land.With danger and enemies around every corner he sets of on an adventure that could very well change the course of the post-apocalyptic Equestria.Meeting new friends and…
Last Sentinel, The
Author: Adder1
Last Update: Reflection Twenty-Four: Pulling Under - Jun 19th, 2016 (Total: )
Description: Frost Windchill is known to be a storyteller of sorts. Comfortable with telling the occasional sprite tale or legend, a child approaches him one day and asks for a real story. And so Frost tells one- the story of his life. It\'s not a typical story,…
Best Laid Plans
Author: Damhoof, Red(undantGamer), Volk
Last Update: Chapter 6: Dashed Hopes - Mar 19th, 2012 (Total: )
Description: In the grim darkness of the Equestrian Wasteland there is only war and death. 3 unlikely allies are forced together, they must fight to earn their freedom and hopefully learn of the magic of friendship along the way. Who am I kidding. My name is…
Ditzy Doo Chronicles, The
Author: Ten Mihara
Last Update: Interlude 4: Carrying On - Jan 1st, 2016 (Total: )
Description: 200 years is a long time. Through those years, and the experiences that filled them, I came to possess the knowledge that I imparted to everypony using the Wasteland Survival Guide. Now, it's time to tell my side of the story.
World In Pain
Author: NeverKnown
Last Update: Chapter 3: Ain't That A Buck In The Head? - Apr 3rd, 2012 (Total: )
Description: Red Stripe has just woken up to find himself in a pre war lab falling quite literally into the hands...hoof's of slavers not knowing anything but his name and having no skills for surviving in the wastes life will be hard if not deadly.
Daily Unlife, The
Author: Nyerguds
Last Update: Day Fifteen - The Circle of Life - Jul 9th, 2015 (Total: )
Description: These are the voyages of the Canterlot ghoul Lemon Frisk. His mission: to find the Meaning of Unlife. His continuing perils: crazed raiders, feral ghouls, overzealous rangers, and a mare who won't stop poking him.
Foals Play
Author: Stanwuuz
Last Update: Chapter 1: Chapter 1 - Mar 27th, 2012 (Total: )
Description: So, here is the first chapter of my fallout equestia sidefic called Foals play. Let me know what you guys think of it so far. ive got the second chapter in progress but it wont be as long as you guys are probably used to. I was thinking around 2000-4000…
Ashes to Ashes
Author: Tango
Last Update: Chapter 10: Revelations - Oct 22nd, 2012 (Total: )
Description: Ember is a young unicorn mare who regains her freedom after years of slavery. Follow her on her journey through the wasteland. Will she withstand its horrors without going crazy? Will she be able to come to peace with her past? Will she ever find…
Shades of White
Author: SpencerDespenser
Last Update: Chapter 7: Characters - May 6th, 2012 (Total: )
Description: Thirty years after the cataclysmic end of The Great War, snow falls in the Northwest Commonwealth of Equestria. As the Stable doors open in the Commonwealth, the ponies inside set hoof into a changed world. A world known as The Trail.
Zebra Badlands
Author: nevwyn18
Last Update: Chapter 7: Traveling Band - Mar 23rd, 2012 (Total: )
Description: Rock & Roll, friendship, and fresh homemade apple pie: the things that make life worth living, and the wastelands of Zebrica are sorely lacking in all three. Newly freed and inspired by a dream of a better life, Processed Cheese risks everything to find…
Tales of a Courier Reloaded
Author: a friendly hobo
Last Update: Chapter 15: Once More Unto the Breach - Dec 14th, 2015 (Total: )
Description: A young stallion, alone for the first time in his life, finds himself a long way from home in the Ponave, a vast wasteland filled with danger where small pockets of civilization attempt to survive while factions war over territory and power. This is the…
Murky Number Seven
Author: Fuzzy
Last Update: The Cutting Room Floor: Dropped concepts from MN7’s creation - Apr 2nd, 2017 (Total: )
Description: To become a slave is bad. To be born a slave is forever damaging. For young Murky, the life of the labourer and servant is all he has ever known, raised without knowledge of freedom or the concept of choice. But when the brutality of his newest…
Morality of Property
Author: Sir Leadhead
Last Update: Chapter 15: > In which stories are shared - Nov 12th, 2019 (Total: )
Description: Coin Slot, a slaver in the Equestrian Wasteland, is making just a regular sale when something a few miles away explodes violently. Deciding to check it out, she discovers a strange weapon of unknown origin that seems to mesmerize its targets. There…
Las Pegasus
Author: Heimdal00
Last Update: Chapter 2, Page 6 - Aug 22nd, 2015 (Total: )
Description: As I'm sure you're aware, Stables are huge underground living complexes for when the balefire bombs go off. Some two hundred years ago it happened, and the beautiful surface of Equestria was transformed into a wasteland. I was born in Stable 77. A…
New Pegasus
Author: BronyRex
Last Update: Assisting the Rangers. Part.1 - Jan 14th, 2013 (Total: )
Description: 150 years after the battle at the SPP main tower, New Equestria is at peace, but what of the areas outside it's borders, such as the middle ground, a dangerous place between Equestria and Zebra Land, where the Megaspell of cleansing didn't reach. Three…
Fallout: Equestria
Author: Kkat
Last Update: Afterword (Ten Years Later) - Dec 25th, 2011 (Total: )
Description: Fallout. With ponies! Set in an alternate future, one pony must learn to survive in a blasted, poisoned land... and possibly, with the aid of friends made along the way, bring new light into the darkness of post-apocalyptic Equestria.
Pink Eyes
Author: Mimezinga
Last Update: [epub] Official eBook Edition - Apr 1st, 2016 (Total: )
Description: Hope is the faith of the young. Losing everything she holds dear, Puppysmiles embarks on the adventure of her life to find her mother, her hopes of meeting her again driving her through the horrors of a world not of her making. Too bad the Wasteland…

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