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Thursday, July 5th, 2012
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Friday, November 2nd, 2012
It’s been Ten years since Little Pip opened the skies and cleaned the lands of the poisons that ailed it. A lot has changed in that decade, after time pony kind began to rebuild and recreate the world they had so masterfully destroyed. 4 nations rise over the ashes of those they fought. The mysterious Arcane Dominion, a secretive and reclusive society of Alicorns and Unicorns hidden behind the massive 100 kilometre square magical fortress known as Aracania. The New Canterlot Republic, a large democracy that covers the central of Equestria and the cities that used to be part of it. Marenburg, a brutal authoritarian society run by a former Red Eye slave Ripchord based upon an advanced and aggressive military regime. And finally the New Stalliongrad State, a huge Communist nation built upon equal treatment and advancement of Ponies that stretches from the vast expanses of the Northern Equestria. But young Nimbus, a pegasus Zony living in the streets of a nation that is unforgiving and merciless to his kind. When his sister is taken from him by a mysterious vigilante, he makes it his mission to follow him and find his sister. A journey that takes him across the entirety of the new world he inhabits as well as exposing him to the dangers of the old world that tenaciously remain in our new one.

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